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Campaigns Cost Money! You can help!

If, after reading about my campaign and my personal and professional background, you agree with me that Delaware needs strong, experienced leadership, please consider making a donation.

It is essential that you have a state representative with the knowledge and skills to effectively protect and represent your interests. Being the most qualified for the position is not enough if I cannot share my message with the voters. Campaigns are costly and it will take volunteers, supporters and dollars to spread the message throughout the Seaford/Blades communities, western Sussex County and the state. If you believe your representative should be a strong leader who will fight for you and your family, then please take a moment to donate to my campaign.

Please note that the maximum amount a person or business may contribute is $600 per election cycle. However, any amount up to the $600 limit would be greatly appreciated. I assure you that your donation will not be wasted. Please help me share my message for strong, experienced leadership in my campaign for the Delaware House of Representatives in the 39th District by sending your contribution today. Thank you,

Danny Short
Candidate for the House of Representatives - 39th District

Our Campaign mailing address or to make a contribution is below:
Phone: (302)-628-5222
Fax: (302)-629-6833

Mailing Address:
Friends to Elect Danny Short
133 N. Cannon Street
Seaford, DE 19973