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I am devoted to helping improve our public schools. We must allow our teachers to teach our children and give them the tools to be effective. Accountability should be in place that also requires the involvement of parents to insure success. The bigger issue today is equity in the funding schools receive. The schools on the western side of the County are in need of equalization funding reform and I plan to be part of that discussion.


The western side of Sussex County needs full time jobs with full time benefits. It is as simple as that. The departure of DuPont has had a dramatic change in our employment opportunities on the western side of the county. It is my vision that we should work hard to attract suitable businesses to our area and retain those we have. We have been successful in doing just that but we need to continue to focus our effort. The formation of our recent City, County and State monthly economic development meetings will only help.


This topic encompasses not only protecting our ponds and the Nanticoke River which are important natural resources but also our quality of life issues that many take for granted. Our volunteer Fire and EMS service needs our help to continue. They have saved us millions over the years and today our growth has placed a burden on them that is almost too much to handle. They deserve our best since they have given us theirs.


We need to continue to support our local businesses by reviewing, revising and eliminating where we can state business regulations. Those rules that hinder expansion of business or threaten their existence need to be changed. Delaware needs to be known as the friendly business State and overcome our size disadvantage by making our ability to react and attract our biggest asset.